Burr Halloween Information
Burr Halloween Information
Posted on 10/11/2021
Halloween GraphicOur Burr Bulldogs are already talking about Halloween:) We have a half day of school on Friday, October 29th and here is our plan:

Students are encouraged to wear costumes to school on that half day. Student costumes may have to be slightly modified as no full face painting or masks are allowed in school for safety reasons. Students are not allowed to bring toy daggers, swords, pitchforks, Freddie Krueger gloves, and other sharp objects or weapons to school as part of their costume. For safety reasons, they will not be allowed to carry props in the parade. We can all have fun and use our imaginations without going overboard.

We will have a parade in a Covid friendly manner. Half of the even numbered classrooms of students will line the halls using social distancing, while the other half parade and vice versa. This process will be repeated for the odd numbered classrooms. The parade will not go into classrooms; just remain in the hallways. Sadly, no parents are invited this year as they are not considered essential visitors based on MCHD guidelines. Parents will be missed:(

Morning activities will be fall or Halloween based: graphing pumpkins, craft project, reading stories about leaves, etc. While no party food will be eaten in the classroom, if a parent sends in goodie bags with individually wrapped candy without nuts, we can send that home with children at the end of the day. However, we encourage non-food items to share (not that parents need to send in anything).