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Links that Ms. Foust has made for Burr students.
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Raz Kids

Into the Book is a multimedia package designed to improve students' reading comprehension, as well as their ability to think and learn across the curriculum.


Based on current research, the project focuses on eight learning strategies:

Using prior knowledge
Making connections

Starfall Reading Activities

Extra Math
Khan Academy
Type to Learn Instructions for using it at home.
Help with 6th grade Math Books.

Handwriting practice sheets.

Dance Mat Typing


Great math activities are at this site. The links below take you to math activities that are appropriate for each grade level.

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade

A number and picture matching game for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

Math Playground - There are lots of games here.

Working with regrouping in math. This will help you to mentally solve simple math problems.

Another site for practicing your multiplication.

If you're stuck on a concept in math, try looking here for help! Basic facts practice, too!

Learning to think in tens. It's easier than you think it is and learning it with pictures will help you become a stronger math student because you are using the right side of your brain.

Flashcards, games, and homework check!

Math Baseball
You can make this game harder or easier based on how well you know your math facts.

A number ordering game for kids in preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

Telling Time - Do you know when it's bedtime?

If you are a lower elementary age kid at Burr, you should brush your teeth and get your pajamas on at 7PM and then read books in bed with one of your parents until 8PM.

If you are in upper elementary follow the same routine but start at 8PM and read in bed with a parent or by yourself until 9PM and then lights out. You need a well rested and well fed brain to achieve at school.

Batter's Up Baseball

Something fun for everyone here! Check out the aquatic speedway or the Grand Prix!

Do you think you can place all of the penguins in the correct spot?

Select grade level, skill builders, mathematics activities.

Check out this link for an interactive math dictionary!

Practice your multiplication skills in a timed gamed.

Ben Franklin's Guide to Government for Kids

Drag and Drop States Game Level 1

This is the most challenging level of the drag and drop states game - Level 3.

This is a fun game to play. You drag and drop states onto the map and the game tells you how close you got your state to where it belongs.

A variety of Social Studies and Geography games here.

Visit this site to make learn from the choices that the Jamestown colonists made when they landed in America. This site works great with the Firefox web browser but may require flash plug-ins if you run Window's Internet Explorer.

Simple Machines

Constellations Hunt

Science Activities

An online Rhyming Dictionary.

Giggle Poetry

Tumble Book Library

Creative Writng Prompts

Primary Games




Fact Monster

Learn to be Safe with Electricity inside your home.

Learn to be Safe with Electricity outside.

Switcheroo Zoo