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Classroom News

English Language Arts
Burr Elementary uses research based strategies in English Language Arts to improve student achievement.   

Grades K-2
180+ minutes/day
Engaged independent student practice at student’s level with Blended Learning (kindergartner, and first grade), Daily Five, Word Study, differentiated meaningful language arts activities.

Grades 3-6

120 - 180 minutes/day
Reading Daily Five, Comprehension Framework, WriteSteps, writing across the curriculum, Guided Highlighted Reading, Word Study, Writing Tracker and small group instruction.

Small Group
Guided Reading
Use materials at student’s instructional level
Meet 3-5 times a week with grade level or above students
Meet daily with at risk bottom 30% students

Weekly McGraw Hill Assessment

McGraw Hill Listen Aloud Station
MTSS – Multi Tiered System of Support

Local Assessments
Spelling Inventory
Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment – Fluency and Comprehension 
Comprehension-questions and retelling
All Assessments aligned with State Standards
Benchmark Writing (K-6) aligned with State Standards Personal Narrative, Informational, Opinion/Argument and Research Project in Science and/or Social Studies

Title One Reading Consultants and English Language Teacher 

Burr Elementary uses research based strategies in Mathematics to improve student achievement.


Whole group, small group instruction, Dreambox (online individualized math instruction)

First Grade
Whole group, small group instruction, Dreambox (online individualized math instruction), Grade Level Pacing Guides, Frayer Model, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons, Math Tutor (Parent & Volunteer Math Mentors)

Grade 2 - 6
Whole group, small group instruction, Spiraling (Reviewing Past Concepts), Grade Level Pacing Guides, Dreambox (online individualized math instruction), Math Tutor (Parent & Volunteer Math Mentors), and Title One Math Consultants

Whole Group
All grades do whole group math instruction with pre & post testing to better meet the math needs of their students.

Small Group
Spiraling (review of math skills) 
All grades have flexible math groups to better meet the needs of students
Math stations, Daily 5 Math, Frayer Model, problem solving, and interactive whiteboard lessons.

ISM (Instructional Support Model) - Math Workshop
A teacher led grade level science lesson and activity that focuses on Michigan State Standards.

Title One Math Consultants
Math Olympiad 
Beginning, Mid-year, and End of the year Math Michigan State Standards assessment