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My Burr Elementary
My Burr Elementary is a site that contains links to sites that allow you to personalize your experience with our school. The links below give you real time access to information regarding your student's classes, grades, attendance, college and career dreams.
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PowerSchool allows parents to access information about their student's attendance and academic progress. The communication system also allows parents to register for monthly, weekly or daily e-mail alerts regarding their student's progress. Please follow this link

Electronic Report Cards

Burr Elementary offers parents two easy ways to electronically access your student’s semester grades through a secure system.  These options will allow parents to view semester grades and attendance as soon as the information becomes available:

PowerSchool - PowerSchool allows you to view semester grades and attendance. Parents who do not have access to a PowerSchool account will need to register for one prior to the end of the marking period. The report cards will be automatically e-mailed to the address that is used to register the PowerSchool account.
SchoolMessenger - As an added featured, the system we use to communicate with you through automated e-mails and phone messages also provides parents a secure way to manage and receive information.  This registration process will also allow you to set your preferred method of notifications for emergencies and school notices. Parents must first have a PowerSchool account to register for this system.

Our school no longer automatically prints and mails report cards to parents. Printed report cards are available by requesting one from our school office. 

More information on how to register for secure accounts is available at:

School Reports
Parents may learn more about Burr Elementary by accessing our annual report and Drill Report. You can follow this link to pages that list the reports for all UCS schools.
Calendar Icon
 Our new Web site has a calendar that can be personalized at this link. You can also customize the calendar to view by week, day or month.


PaySchools is a secure method to pay for items related to Burr Elementary. Items include fees, school store merchandise and miscellaneous materials. Burr items are available at this link.

Title 1 Parent Involvement Plan
Burr believes that parent involvement is critical to the success of each student. Follow this link to our parent involvement plan.

Immunization Information
Follow this link for important information about immunization requirements.